2020 Medicare Advantage Plans

Your medical bills are likely to increase as you grow older, and you need to make sure that you have enough medical insurance to cover your expenses.medicare advantage plans 2020

Without the right medical coverage plan, you can find yourself in too deep with medical debt.

The 2020 Medicare Advantage Plans may be what you are looking for to take care of your expensive hospital and doctor’s office bills.

We’re going to look at these plans and what they can offer you.

Then you can figure out for yourself if an Advantage plan is right for your coverage needs.

What You Need to Know about Medicare Advantage

The Medicare Advantage plans are into something that you can get from Medicare itself.

These are medical insurance plans that cover a lot of common and uncommon medical expenses and that are sold by private insurance providers.

That would be companies such as Aetna, Mutual of Omaha, AARP (United Healthcare), Cigna and more.

These companies have some rules to follow that Medicare has created for Advantage plans, but they also have some freedom to craft their own versions of the plans, complete with their own rates and some modified coverage.

That means two things for you.

First of all, there are a lot of choices out there for you to pick from when it comes to Medicare Advantage plans.

Secondly, you have a chance to save money by comparing your options, since there are so many plans.

Medicare Advantage New York 2020

medicare advantage plans 2020First, you have to decide if you even need Medicare Advantage and if it is the right coverage plan for you.

You do this by looking at what Advantage plans in general are offering and comparing that to your personal needs.

Now, we can’t tell you what your needs are. We don’t know your situation.

You will have to examine your finances and your medical expenses and see what kind of coverage plan you require.

Once you do that, then you can better tell if Medicare Advantage is right for your situation.

Even the best Medicare advantage plan won’t do you much good if it doesn’t fit your personal needs.

Medicare Advantage plans are designed to offer considerable coverage for medical expenses.

They cover all the costs associated with Medicare Part A and Part B.

That makes them overlap with Medicare Supplement plans, which meansmedicare advantage plans 2020 Supplement plans (Medigap) and Advantage plans are not compatible.

It also means that they cover the exact same costs as Original Medicare.

They then become a replacement for Original Medicare, and you would get that coverage through the new insurance provider that has sold you the Advantage plan, if you sign up for one of these plans.

2020 medicare advantage plans

Medicare Advantage goes beyond that basic coverage, though.

It can also cover you for checkups for your eyes and for your ears, among other things.

This is something that not every Advantage plan will offer, and those that do will offer this coverage in different ways and to different extents.

Some of them will cover you for prescription eyewear or hearing aids.

Your Advantage plan may offer prescription drug coverage as well.

This would take care of a lot of medication costs for you and is called the Medicare Part D plan.

This is something that you could buy on your own, so if the Advantage plan of your choice doesn’t include it, then you can simply buy it separately.

Part D coverage is a great way to take care of your prescription drug costs. It offers what is known as tiered coverage.

This means that you will be partially covered for some drugs and fully covered for others.

How this tiered coverage is set up will depend on which Part D plan you are getting, since each insurance company tends to have its own version.

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2020 medicare advantage plans

How Medicare Advantage is Changing for 2020

The core of Medicare Advantage is not changing for 2020.

Nothing is set to be different about these plans other than the regular price increases and small coverage changes that are completely under the control of the insurance providers.

If you have looked at these plans before, what they offer and how much they cost, you will want to reexamine them before you sign up for a 2020 plan.

There may have been some price hikes or changes to the coverage, and that is important, as it can mean the difference in hundreds of dollars by the end of the year.

Some of the insurance companies that offered HMO and PPO plans in the past may be decreasing their list of options in some area.

There are changes to Advantage plans happening on a state by state level, and this can mean that people in certain states will no longer get to choose as many options, so make sure you read up about your particular state and how it may be affected.

medicare advantage plans 2020

A lot of the companies that offered both of the HMO and PPO options have changed to just offer one or the other.

Those companies that serve mostly rural areas will generally offer PPO plans, while those in urban or very populated areas will generally offer HMO plans, if nothing else.

Even if you looked at specific Advantage plans for a single insurance company before, you should reassess that company and its offerings for 2020.

Insurance companies change up their plans on a yearly basis, and you want to know exactly what you are getting and how it compares to your other options before you agree to any plan.

If you already signed up for an Advantage plan, and you are looking to renew your plan for 2020, then you should look at the other options available to you.

Many of them may have changed from what was available in the past.

medicare advantage plans 2020

If you already signed up for an Advantage plan, and you are looking to renew your plan for 2020, then you should look at the other options available to you.

Many of them may have changed from what was available in the past. You want to reassess your options and see if there might be a better deal for Medicare Advantage in 2020.

You should always be looking for the best coverage for yourself, and that means examining your options once again each year when it comes time to renew your plan.

You may find something that is a much better deal and decide to change plans or providers to take advantage of it.

You can use our website to compare Advantage plans for 2020.

This will let you see what several of the companies are charging or their plans for 2020 and give you a good idea of what a good deal is.

You can’t decide if an Advantage plan is a good deal until you compare it to a few other options, and our site allows you to do that easily.

This free service lets you quickly and simply compare plans and find the best deal without all the stress and time involved in finding quotes out for yourself.

You can get all the information in one place and save money by choosing the most affordable plan that meets your needs.

Medicare Advantage and the Networks

medicare advantage plans 2020

If you want a Medicare Advantage plan to provide your healthcare coverage, then you want to be sure you pick the right one.

There are lots of insurance companies out there offering many different versions of these plans.

In order to find one that suits you well, you first need to assess your medical coverage needs.

Look at those expense that you are paying out of pocket for right now and especially focus on those expense that you struggle pay each year or each month.

Many of those may be able to be covered by the right Advantage plan.

These are expansive plans that can cover all sorts of healthcare costs for you, but you need to make sure you find one that suits you.

The cost of the plan needs to be factored in as well. You’ll want to care costs and ensure that you find an affordable plan.

Assess your current healthcare coverage costs and how an Advantage plan may lower or increase those costs you pay each month and each year.

If you look, you can find Advantage plans that offer $0 premiums, which means you are paying nothing each month for that plan.

You will still need to pay the monthly premium on Medicare Part B, though.

You also need to pay the deductible for the Advantage plan, so it is not like it is free, but it doesn’t have to be overly expensive.

In fact, Advantage plans can be some of the most economical choices for medical insurance.

To find the best Advantage plan in 2020, you also need to compare the network. Determine whether you would benefit more from a cheaper but lower coverage HMO or a more expensive but higher coverage PPO.

Also look at the network for any insurance company you are considering buying an Advantage plan from.

This is not a problem you run into with Supplement plans, but Advantage plans are limited by their network.

You may have to look at a different insurer to buy your plan from, if the medicare advantage plans 2020network for a specific insurance company is not relevant to your area.

You can do a lot of your comparing by using a price comparison service, which is a free service online that lets you search for your desired plan.

In a matter of moments, it gives you results for that plan, showing you what several insurance companies in your area charge for the plans.

That allows you to easily compare prices and find the best rates, and you can save so much money this way.

Just by choosing one slightly cheaper plan over another plan, you can save hundreds of dollars a year.

Choosing a plan with the appropriate coverage can save you even more, as you will have fewer out-of-pocket costs.

You will also have more peace of mind and not have to worry so much about whether you will be properly covered when you go to the hospital for treatment or go to visit your doctor.

By choosing the right Medicare Advantage plans 2020 has to offer, you will worry less, pay less and be more likely to seek out medical care when you need it.

You don’t have to stay at home sick because you fret about the cost of healthcare any longer.

Choosing the right plan ensures that you are covered well and that your finances can handle the monthly and yearly costs of the insurance plan you chose.

Medicare Advantage Texas 2020

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2020 medicare advantage plans

Your Other Options

We think Advantage plans are a great choice for many seniors, and there are a lot of people who save hundreds of dollars every year with Advantage plans.

However, the are not ideal for everyone.

There will be many seniors who are adequately covered by just having the basic Medicare plan.

There will be others who need a different kind of coverage plan that covers them in a different way from Advantage plans.

We want to look at some of other other options briefly, as one of them may be more suitable for you, and you need to know what your choices are.

Medicare Supplement plans are the major alternative.

These are similar to Advantage plans in some ways. They cover you for some Medicare Part A and Part B expenses as well, particularly for deductibles and copayments.

They can also cover you for excess charges related to outpatient services, for blood you use each year and for foreign travel costs for emergency medical care.

There are 10 standard Medicare Supplement plans to pick from, and they also go by the name Medigap.

You can only pick one of them at a time, since they overlap in various ways with one another.

medicare advantage plans 2020

These are sold privately by insurance companies as well, and not by Medicaremedicare advantage plans 2020 itself.

The insurance companies will pick a few of them to offer, but no one sells all 10.

So, you’ll have to decide which of the Supplement plans you want to go with and then find a company willing to offer you that plan at a decent price.

The prices do change from one provider to the next, even on the same plans. However, the coverage on the individual plans is decided solely by Medicare.

That means you will find the same coverage on the same plans no matter where you go, and the only difference will be the insurance provider and the price of the plans.

You have an opportunity to save some money by searching for the lowest cost version of the plan you want.

You still get the same guaranteed coverage as if you paid the higher price for it.

There are big changes coming to Medicare Supplement plans in 2020.

medicare advantage plans 2020Two of the plans- F and C- will no longer be offered to new subscribers.

If you were already signed up for one of these plans in the past, then you can renew Plan C or Plan F, but you can’t sign up for them if you have never had a Supplement plan before.

They are simply considered high risk plans for those who are just getting Medicare supplemental coverage for the first time.

In addition to Supplement and Advantage plans, you can sign up for Medicare Part D, which we already covered, as well as coverage plans from your union or your employer.

You cannot sign up for any overlapping plans, so you generally have to decide on one plan or the other, with the exception of Part D, which is compatible with Medicare Advantage in 2020 and Supplement plans, which are compatible with basic Medicare.


Humana (NYSE: HUM) is one of the strongest companies offering Medicare Advantage plans in 2020.

They have been offering many different plans to millions of consumers since the year 1961 and are still going strong.

Based in Louisville, KY they also offer many products aside from Advantage plans such as  Medicare Supplement plans as well as Short-term health insurance plans and dental and vision.

As one of the largest insurers in the country, Humana is now approaching almost 21 million customers in all age demographics.

In KY they are the largest insurance carrier and certainly in the top of carriers nationwide.

This helps consumers with a wide variety of choices and products to choose from. With their outstanding benefits in the plans Seniors are thrilled with their coverage which offers great stability.

While they almost merged with Aetna not long ago, Humana has proven they didn’t necessarily even need to as they are still extremely profitable.

Their reputation is excellent in the industry especially over the past few years and their customer service is exceptional.

There are many different coverage levels with their Medicare advantage plans based on region and networks.

With their basic plan covering prescription drugs and annual checkups they have become a favorite among seniors.

Humana Medicare Advantage plans are often offered as either HMO or PPO plans and various network options.

Using our website is the FASTEST way to see if Humana is right for you. Enter your zip code above to get started now!

For years seniors have used United Healthcare’s advantage plan coverage to help reduce medical bills.

These plans offer a wide variety of coverage based on needs and budget to help keep seniors protected both financially and medically.

Regardless of medical condition it is likely that United Healthcare has a plan that is right for you.

With both HMO and PPO versions, seniors can decide to stay in network or have the option to go out of network for health care.

United Healthcare partners with the AARP organization to allow seniors a range of benefits and options that might not otherwise be available.

Based out of Minnetonka, MN United Healthcare is one of the top five largest companies in the United States, offering stability and what would seem like endless resources to it’s consumers.

Often AARP can help offer additional benefits such as gym membership discounts and other senior services, though this varies by region and often the type of plan you enroll in.

To get  started enter your zip code at the top of this page to see which of United Healthcare’s Medicare Advantage plans in 2020 and 2020 is best for you!

medicare advANTAGE PLANS 2020

Another great option that Seniors might have available to them is a Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plan for 2020.

What many people do not know is that Blue Cross Blue Shield is actually comprised of many smaller companies to form a nationwide group.

Their main headquarters is based in Chicago, IL however the smaller companies do operate independently of the main organization, often using different names throughout the country for their company.

BCBS offers both HMO and PPO Medicare Advantage plans, as well as Part D drug coverage in many of them.

The HMO and PPO versions are important to understand as they dictate what time of coverage and network you will get.

Blue Cross is known for competitive pricing and excellent customer service which has made the popular for many years.

Due to the smaller companies standing on their own under the BCBS structure it behooves them to maintain a high level of service to make sure customer satisfaction is high.

Learn now if Blue Cross Blue Shield is right for you by enter your zip code at the top of this page!

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